military benefits

welcome to the viking family! it only takes a couple steps to get your federal military educational benefit started at grand view university.

gi bill® benefits
va education benefit eligibility is based on individual service information and is specific to the service-member or veteran. the military certifying official can assist you in determining whether or not you should be eligible for any va education benefits but final determination of eligibility will come from the va.

为了在Grand View大学获得VA教育津贴,您必须在每学期注册课程时通知军事证明官员。军事认证官员不会自动为任何人提供VA教育福利认证。未能通知退伍军人服务办公室您的注册可能会延迟您的福利金的支付。  
changing schools
if you have used gi bill® benefits at a different school and are now coming to grand view university, the va requires you to complete a change of place of training form (veterans/service members complete va form 22-1995, dependents complete form 22-5495). you may complete this form here and provide evidence of its completion to the gv certifying official.
returning student
if you were using the benefits last semester at grand view university there is no requirement for you to re-apply to the va for benefits or complete any additional paperwork. you simply need to notify the military certifying official when you have registered for classes.
process to receive military benefits

va education benefits eligibility is based on individual service information, specific to the service member or veteran. the certifying official can inform you of the va eligibility requirements, but ultimately it is your decision. the final determination of eligibility will come from the va.

iowa house file 414 这项法律于2015年4月成为法律。该法律要求提供帮助退伍军人获得有偿福利的私人或企业,必须向所有准客户提供书面声明,披露退伍军人可以通过当地服务机构或县免费申请这些服务退伍军人事务办公室。在签订协议或合同之前,退伍军人必须签署退伍军人披露声明。请联系您的 county veterans affairs office to ask about free assistance prior to hiring anyone to assist you in obtaining benefits.

  • complete your military / veteran services form so we can help get your benefits figured out promptly. if you will be on the main campus between 8:15 am - 4:30 pm, stop on the 2nd floor of the humphrey center. one of our certifying officials will get you started.
  • certifying official is in the business office and will meet with chapter 33 (post 9/11), yellow ribbon students and those planning to use federal tuition assistance.
  • kristin clemens is in the registrar's office and will meet with students using the following va chapters: 30, 1606, 1607, 35, and 31.

before you begin receiving va educational benefits you need to complete the following steps:

  1. apply and be accepted for admission in a degree program at grand view.
  2. apply for benefits to the department of veteran affairs online,选择“申请福利”标签,启动退伍军人在线应用程序(vonapp)以获取您符合资格的福利章节。在线提交此文件之前,请先为认证官员打印一份副本。完成并提交您符合资格的福利章节的申请(表格22-1990)。在提交此在线申请之前,请为认证官员打印一份副本。
  3. fill out the free application for federal student aid (fafsa) to see if you qualify for additional student aid.
  4. request an official transcript of military service and training to be sent directly to grand view. if you were in the army, navy or marines, request a joint services transcript (jst). if you were in the air force, request an official transcript from the community college of air force. your military transcript will be reviewed to award college credit into your degree programs.
  5. register for classes.
  6. email the gv certifying official that you are registered for classes, and she will certify your enrollment with the va. the va can take up to 6 weeks to process certifications.
  7. 要求获得第30、1606和1607章津贴的学生,每个月必须完成对出勤的验证,才能收到津贴。该月的最后一天是您可以验证出勤的第一天。一旦您确认出勤,虚拟设备就可以处理您的付款。有两种验证出勤率的方法:
  • visit then select the “verify school attendance” button.
  • call (877) 823-2378 and complete the automated attendance verification process.
  • verification of attendance is not required for students receiving chapter 33 (post 9/11), yellow ribbon, chapter 31 and chapter 35.
  • if you change your enrollment--add, drop courses, withdraw from the university – your registration actions may result in your having to pay back the va. notify your certifying official before making changes in your enrollment.  
  • please refer to the handout of each chapter.

satisfactory academic progress

please contact the financial aid office with any questions.

Deployment & Readmission Policies

active military service withdrawal

if the student is called to active duty during a term, the student may request to withdraw from some or all courses and the university will fully refund their tuition and mandatory fees for the withdrawn courses.

如果在学期中要求该学生服现役军人服役,则该学生可以与他们的教练安排以继续学习其部分或全部课程,并且将为他们继续学习的每门课程分配i级(不完整) 。在这种情况下,将不会调整已注册课程的学费。退役后,学生必须在下一个学期结束之前完成课程。否则,i级将变为f级。

a student receiving veteran’s benefits should notify the va certifying official in the registrar’s office in order to complete the required documents.

部署结束后,学生将有一个日历年可以重新注册一次。 Grand View认为部署的结束日期是原始部署文件中列出的日期,或者是列出部署结束日期的较新的文档(例如dd-214)。在超出部署结束日期的一个日历年后,该学生将需要通过招生部门申请重新入学,以欣赏美景。

a student will be re-enrolled in the same academic program (or the most similar one, if same program does not exist), will carry forward the same number of credits, and same academic status. grand view university scholarship awards will be preserved for students holding such awards when called to active duty.


a student who wishes to re-enroll at grand view after deployment should contact the va certifying official in the registrar’s office. the va certifying official will serve as the main point of contact for the student during the re-enrollment process.

transfer credit
从总体上看,我们将使我们的转让流程保持简单且我们的转让政策友好。通常,所有来自认可机构的大学平行学分都会被接受。我们接受来自初级/社区大学的长达75个小时的转学分。大观也接受了由美国教育委员会评估过的在军方获得的学分。我们的 organizational studies program incorporates military credit as part of the program of study.
military transcript credit

in order to have your military credit transferred to grand view, you will need to request an official transcript and have it sent to:

grand view university
office of admissions
1200 grandview avenue
des moines, ia 50316

  • if you were in the army, navy or marines request a joint services transcript (jst).
  • if you were in the air force you can request an official transcript from the community college of the air force.
  • the official transcript will be electronically sent to grand view. your military transcript will be reviewed to award college credit into your degree programs.
military resources

we make every effort to provide the most up-to-date links to pertinent military and military education websites. if you find a link that does not work or has changed, please let us know by contacting us.

military tuition assistance

military education resources

transcript sources

Scholarships & Grants

rotc partnerships

air force rotc


additional information concerning afrotc may be obtained at and

army rotc

grand view students may participate in the army rotc program at drake university through special provisions of the cross-enrollment program.  scholarships are available to qualified students.

additional information concerning army rotc may be obtained from the rotc office at drake university.