u.s. department of education ell grant

teachers in the following districts are eligible to receive a free esl endorsement with funding from the u.s. department of education: columbus junction, des moines, iowa city, marshalltown, postville, and west liberty. 

project empower is designed to improve the academic achievement of english language learners (ells) in grades k-12 and will allow teachers in content area classrooms to become prepared to address the unique needs of the ell population in iowa.

155 in-service teachers will be given the opportunity to enroll and complete grand view university’s k-12 ell endorsement over the course of a 60 month period. pre-service teachers adding the ell endorsement will also benefit from the grant, 80 pre-service teacher will be awarded book scholarships over the 60 month period of the grant.

the six partnering school districts are the following: des moines public schools, columbus junction, iowa city, marshalltown, postville, and west liberty.  

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dr. michelle schulze
assistant professor of education (ell)